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General Guyble

Ultimate Hardstyle Kick Vol.1

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The Ultimate Sample Collection of Hardstyle, Rawphoric & Reverse Bass Kicks, Toks, Tails and many more!

Get ready for the first edition of General Guyble's Ultimate Hardstyle Kick!

This Pack contains the following One shots:

  • 60 Hardstyle Kicks
  • 30 Rawphoric Kicks
  • 30 Reverse Bass Kicks
  • 35 Club Kicks
  • 90 Toks
  • 90 Tails
  • 120 FX Kicks


  • 3 Construction Kits
  • 7 Video Tutorials

487 Audio Files in Total

1.13 GB unzipped

All Sample are in 24bit 44.1KHz Studio Quality

This pack is focussed on Hardstyle Kick One Shots. It comes with 60 fully produced, processed and ready to use individual Hardstyle Kicks. Moreover we added 30 Rawphoric Kicks as well as 30 Reverse Bass Kicks.

We don't simply put together a pack. This pack was built from the ground up! Every sample is individual and made from the ground up. We created a solid system to archive each individual chain, to be able to proof the design of our samples. Produce with confidence! No shady samples and unknown sources! We give you 100% guarantee that our sounds were built from scratch.

To make your live easier and to help you focus on making songs instead of kicks, we included 90 Tok One Shots and 90 Tail One Shots. Together with the full Kicks you have limitless opportunities for layering and altering sounds. Simply by combining individual Tok and Tail Samples will give you an easy way to create hundreds of new individual kicks!

We also added 35 Club Kicks which work perfectly for layering, giving your Toks more punch. They also can easily been used for own Reverse Bass Kicks as well as some experimental Kicks witch a clean Punch.

Every Sample in this release is labelled with the proper root note.

Moreover you find 120 FX Kicks, which can help you to make your Kick Patterns more interesting. They are also very well suited for layering and giving your kick some nasty character.

To help you to make the best out of this pack and use it to its full potential, we also added seven Tutorial Videos with additional information about the samples, some practical advise and some workflow tips.

This release comes with 1.13GB. All One Shots are delivered in 24Bit and 44.1KHz WAVE format. Therefore, there are compatible with every modern DAW.

Now there are no excuses why you can't finish your music. Move your butt to the studio and create something amazing!