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General Guyble

Ultimate Hardcore Kick Vol.1

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The Ultimate Sample Collection of Hardcore Kicks, Toks, Tails and many more!

Get ready for the first edition of General Guyble's Ultimate Hardcore Kick!

This Pack contains the following One shots:

  • 50 Clean Kicks (Ranging from E - A)
  • 243 FX Kicks (Ranging from E - A)
  • 60 Hardcore Kicks (Ranging from E - A)
  • 10 Piep Kicks (in the roots of F and G)
  • 61 Tails (Ranging from E - A)
  • 65 Toks (Ranging from E - A)


  • 8 Hardcore Drops Construction Kits
  • 5 Video Tutorials

535 Audio Files in Total

661.3 MB unzipped

All Sample are in 24bit 44.1KHz Studio Quality

This pack is focussed on Hardcore Kick One Shots. It comes with 60 fully produced, processed and ready to use individual Hardcore Kicks.

We don't simply put together a pack. This pack was built from the ground up! We started working on this pack roughly 8 months ago and today we are proud to present the fruits of our labor. It was brought to our attention, that some competitors selling sampled kicks, therefore we created a solid system to archive each individual chain, to be able to proof the design of our samples. We give you 100% guarantee that our sounds were built from scratch.

In a time where quantity beats quality, we didn't just threw in hundreds of sounds. We took utmost care of making them as good as they can be. Every sample is highly processed and ready to go. You're not going to find 5 times the same Kick pitched to different keys only to make the number of included Kicks higher. Every Kick is individual!

To make your live easier and to help you focus on making songs instead of kicks, we included 65 Tok One Shots and 61 Tail One Shots. Together with the full Hardcore Kicks you have limitless opportunities for layering and altering sounds. Simply by combining individual Tok and Tail Samples will give you an easy way to create hundreds of new individual kicks!

If you still aiming for your own and unique sound, we added 50 Clean Kicks, which you can use as a starting point for your own sound design process or as layers for your already existing kicks. Each of those samples is labelled with the proper root note.

Moreover you find 243 FX Kicks, which can help you to make your Kick Patterns more interesting. They are also very well suited for layering and giving your kick some nasty character.

To round it off and stay up to date, we even made 10 Piep Kicks.

Don't be fooled by the name. Even though those Kicks have been produced for Hardcore productions, you can easily use them for Rawstyle as well as Uptempo.

To help you to make the best out of this pack and use it to it's full potential, we also added five Tutorial Videos with additional information about the samples, some practical advise and some workflow tips.

This release comes with only 661MB, but we guarantee each MB is worth it ;)

All One Shots are delivered in 24Bit and 44.1KHz WAVE format.

Now there are no excuses why you can't finish your music. Move your butt to the studio and create something amazing!