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General Guyble

Raw Sounds Vol.1

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For this Soundbank you need to own a copy of Rob Papen Raw V1.0.4b or later.

120 brand new Presets for Rob Papen Raw

  • 50 Screeches
  • 20 Leads
  • 20 Bass Sounds
  • 10 Synths
  • 10 Synth Sequences
  • 5 Bass Sequences
  • 5 Percussion Sequences

A couple of years ago Rob Papen's "Raw" Synthesizer hit the market and completely conquered the Hard Dance Scene. Finally, we had a Synthesizer with crazy distortion already built in, opening many new ways of sound design and a whole bunch of new sounds which we couldn't have done with any other Synth without using additional Plugins before. In the past years it felt like people started to forget about this amazing Plugin and we thought it might be a good idea to help it coming back to lots of new tracks. Therefore General Guyble created a completely new and fresh Soundset that will fit all Harder Styles in 2020.

This Soundset is purely designed for Hard Dance Music genres like Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Hardcore, Uptempo and Frenchcore.

General Guyble focused on designing useful sounds using the full potential of this Synth. You're not going to find any useless noise fx, clap and 80s keyboard sounds. You'll only find sounds which you can also use: Screeches, Leads, Basses and Synths!

To give you the best experience, we made an extra effort to apply the Modwheel to the filters and having reasonable ranges for the Pitchbend. We also set the Categories so you can easily find the sounds that you're looking for. Now you got the tools and it's up to you to make some outstanding and never heard before music!