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General Guyble

MPC Breaks Vol.1

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Experience the timeless power of the Akai MPC and elevate your sound with vintage rhythm sections.


MPC Breaks Vol.1 includes:


  • 25 Breaks on 175bpm
  • 25 Breaks on 150bpm
  • 10 Breaks on 100bpm
  • 34 Synth Loops

One Shots:

  • 73 Kicks
  • 71 Snares
  • 60 Hi Hats
  • 20 Open Hats
  • 78 Percussions
  • 09 Shakers
  • 07 Rides
  • 06 Claps
  • 09 808 Kicks 

429 Audio Files in Total

293 MB

all Samples are in 24bit 44.1KHz Studio Quality WAVE Format and compatible with every professional Digital Audio Workstation. 

Created and Designed by General Guyble


Introducing MPC Breaks Vol.1 by General Guyble. With a collection of unique Breaks and Drum Shots carefully curated from General Guyble's personal library, which he has meticulously crafted over the span of nearly two decades.

MPC Breaks Vol.1 features the crème de la crème of General Guyble's Drum-Recordings, each meticulously re-sampled, re-synthesized, and re-sequenced using the Akai MPC Live II. To infuse this collection with soul and flavor, we harnessed the legendary Mackie 1604 mixing desk, renowned for its distinct saturation capabilities. By crafting a one-of-a-kind routing matrix and employing a range of parallel EQ and saturation settings in both mono and stereo, we have sculpted a sound that exudes vintage charm while retaining the necessary edge to seamlessly integrate into modern productions.

The outcome is an extraordinary fusion of vintage-inspired Breaks, exuding an unmistakable warmth, yet possessing the necessary cutting-edge qualities to seamlessly integrate into modern productions.

MPC Breaks Vol.1 offers an extensive array of content, totaling a substantial 293 MB, with all audio meticulously recorded at 24Bit 44.1 KHz, ensuring the utmost sonic quality. Immerse yourself in 60 meticulously crafted Breakbeats and 34 mesmerizing Synth Loops, each meticulously processed through the same analog EQs and Pre-Amps to guarantee consistency and character.

Furthermore, we have included a treasure trove of additional sounds to enhance your productions. Delve into 73 powerful Kick One Shots, 71 distinct Snares, 60 vibrant Hi Hats, and 20 Open Hats to add the perfect rhythmic foundation. Explore the depths of creativity with 78 captivating Percussions, 9 dynamic Shakers, 7 immersive Rides, 6 crisp Claps, and 9 ground-shaking 808 Kicks.

MPC Breaks Vol.1 by General Guyble is the ultimate companion for producers seeking a blend of vintage charm and contemporary flair. Elevate your sound and unlock a world of possibilities with this exceptional Sample Pack.