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Jan Van Bass-10

Jan Van Bass-10 - Rawstyle Vol.1

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The Essential Rawstyle Sample Pack by Jan Van Bass-10!

Everything you need to make a Rawstyle banger

One Shots, Loops, Spire Presets, Kontakt Instruments

One Shots

  • 10 Rawstyle Kicks
  • 4 Gated Kicks
  • 2 Multisampled Rawstyle Kicks (over one Octave)
  • 9 Toks
  • 2 Tails
  • 3 Claps
  • 4 Snares
  • 4 Crashes

Loops on 155 bpm:

  • 6 Kick Loops
  • 5 Clap Loops
  • 4 Crash Loops
  • 5 Screech Loops (dry)
  • 5 Screech Loops (wet)
  • 16 FX


  • 18 Kontakt Instruments
  • 18 Spire Presets For This Sound Bank You Need A Copy Of Reveal Sound Spire VST V.1.5.8 Or Later

497.7 MB unzipped

Jan Van Bass-10 created a the essential Sample Collection for Rawstyle. Regardless, if you're a beginner or pro, you'll find all essential sounds to make your own track. This pack is not only limited to Rawstyle. You can use it in all Hard Dance Genres.

The included 10 Rawstyle and 4 Gated Kicks will help you to get your track started very fast. You can use different techniques to customise them and adjust them to your liking very fast. If you're working on a Melody Drop that requires pitching of the Kick, Jan Van Bass-10 also included two Multisampled Kicks which is spreading over one octave. Simply load the individual Rawstyle Kick One Shots in a Sampler and get started. The loops will make it very easy to try out ideas or spice up your production with little details. You can also use them for your live acts, mashups and remixes.

To top it all of, Jan Van Bass-10 created 18 unique Presets for the Reveal Sound Spire VST. If you don't own the Spire, you can simply use the provided Kontakt Instruments, which will give you access to the same sounds. Or take the Multi-Sample Sets from the Kontakt Instruments and load them in your Sampler of Choice.

This pack is an exclusive selection of ready to go sounds. You won't have to spend hours on processing. Just drop them in the track and focus on your ideas!

Jan Van Bass-10 aka The Raptor, Jack' n Hammer, Kernfusion is a Hardstyle, Rawstyle and Hardcore Producer from northern Germany. He has over 160 production credits under his belt including official Remixes for the likes of Zany, Fausto, Thorax, Brooklyn Bounce, Dj Gollum, Jan Wayne and many more.

He performed on big Events all across Germany as well as Austria and Denmark. Moreover, he's a resident DJ at Atrium and Infinity Raves in Kiel.