About General Guyble

General Guyble started his Engineering career around 2005. As a member of a local Hip Hop crew. He produced beats, recorded vocals and already did his first attempts of mixing and mastering. During the same time he also started to experiment with all sorts of electronic dance music. In 2007 he decided to make a career out of music/engineering. He started his studies at the School of Audio Engineering in Hamburg, Germany. In the same year he landed live engineering Gig with a Local Raggae Band. From that Moment on he started to work a lot as a Front of House Engineer mixing live shows. Till this day he says Front Of House mixing is the best school for every mixing and mastering engineer.

Next to his many FoH gigs, he still continued to work in the studio with many different artists. He kept producing, mixing and mastering.

In 2009 he graduated as the head of class from SAE with an Audio Engineering degree. Afterwards he made his Bachelor Of Arts (hons.) in Audio Production at the Middlesex University London.

From 2010 he got hired at the small music publishing company “Hartmut Kiesewetter Musik Verlag” in Hamburg. He became the In-House Producer/Engineer. Until the end of 2013 he produced, mixed and or mastered more than 15 CD Albums. Furthermore, he remastered hundreds of songs from Analog Tape.

In 2013 General Guyble met grammy nominated mixing & mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi from Studio DMI. End of 2013 General Guyble moved to Las Vegas and worked as Luca’s assistent for a period of 6 months. Aside from all those high profile EDM artists he had the chance to work for, it was at the very same studio where he met Noize Suppressor.

From that point on they started working together. In middle of 2014 General Guyble moved to the Netherlands and started co-producing with Noize Suppressor and get his foot into the Hard Dance scene as a mastering engineer.

From 2014 till today he worked pretty much with every A-list artist from the Hardcore and Frenchcore genre. In the past years he also established himself in the various Hardstyle genres.

In the past decade General Guyble mastered something between 80-120 Tracks per year. Overall more than 1000 songs are carrying the label “Mastered by Alex Geibel (General Guyble)”